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All Risks makes available over 30 specialty insurance programs to help retail insurance agents and brokers to protect their clients' businesses. Through our valuable carrier relationships, we develop and distribute proprietary programs targeting specialty niches. These products are competitive and exclusively available through All Risks.

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Whether it’s a car dealer with an open lot, a storage facility, or a pest control company, program administrators (PA) target specialized classes and work with carriers to develop coverages and risk management strategies best-suited to those particular industries. Program business fills an insurance void for unique or underserved industries and is growing more quickly than the overall commercial insurance marketplace. According to Target Markets Program Administrators’ Association (TMPAA), with $40.5 billion in 2018, the estimated size of the market rose 12.18% from $36 billion in premiums in 2016.

While other brokerage firms are attempting to establish a foothold in program administration, the National Specialty Programs unit of All Risks. has been providing program underwriting, servicing, and coverage expertise through the specialty insurance market for 28 years. We started with a book of security guard business in 1992 and have grown to 30 specialized classes today.

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Focus and expertise add value to retail agents.

With an estimated number of 1,000 program administrators in the U.S., agents and insureds certainly have options when sourcing coverage. However, in this growing field, experience and longevity matter. All Risks has long-established relationships with top tier carriers who work with us to craft solutions for businesses with highly specialized risks.

“In this industry, the scale of business and level of specialization go hand-in-hand,” explains Chris McGovern, Senior Vice President in charge of All Risks’ National Specialty Programs. “We’ve been writing program business for almost three decades. Our carrier trading partners have entrusted us with broad underwriting authority because all of our program teams are comprised of individuals with deep industry expertise who understand specialty coverages.” Two examples include the Marine Program team, which has over 40 years of experience in the maritime industry, and the Staffing Agency Program team, which has more than 50 years of combined expertise writing Package and Workers' Comp solutions for staffing firms.

At the outset of any program development, our managers have direct meetings with the carrier to discuss their underwriting philosophy. Pricing guidelines are established to ensure that our underwriters will be in compliance with the carrier at all times. Deviations for limits, deductibles, etc. are offered based on individual account characteristics.

Our program underwriters understand the unique exposures associated with their industries and possess program knowledge and expertise second to none. Regular meetings with carriers, agents, and insureds, in addition to industry-related classes or seminars, help our underwriters evolve with the demands of the marketplace. They continually assess potential risk impact, loss management plans, and add-ons to create effective policies that cover the complex exposures of their respective programs.

Broad underwriting authority signifies carrier trust.

All of our programs include multiple lines of coverage through admitted or non-admitted A.M Best “A-“ or better-rated carriers. We offer a streamlined quoting process, an agent tax filing system, and an overall ease of doing business. We manage all aspects of processing policies and have in-house ability to underwrite, rate, quote, bind, issue policies, and file taxes.

Often, coverage is available on either a package or monoline basis, using customized forms. In addition to the specialty coverages unique to each industry, most programs provide a comprehensive suite of property and casualty coverages.

All Risks' program underwriters have broad underwriting authority to address schedule rating when applicable, add-ons/endorsements as well as limit and deductible options. They continually assess potential risk impact, loss management plans, and add-ons to create effective policies that cover complex exposures.

For example, in an effort to improve an already broad form, our Dealers Open Lot Program recently added an endorsement that modifies False Pretense reporting requirements and improves Spot Delivery, Improvements and Betterments, Economic Loss, and Impending Damage coverages. The program also offers a parametric hail solution with flexible terms and fast claim payout that can be easily integrated into the dealer’s existing coverage.

Enabling insureds through technology.

All Risks' REO/Investor Program recently added an online reporting system to help insureds manage their real estate portfolios 24/7. Investors and property managers can easily add or delete locations online and print certificates when needed. All locations are included on a single master policy with monthly billing to streamline administrative duties.

Special events online quoting is also available through Alive Risk, which is comprised of six core programs: Amusement, Entertainment, Film & Media, Music & Touring, Special Events, and Sports & Leisure. Instantaneous quotes are provided for one-day or short-term events such as festivals, conventions, and weddings. Concessionaires, vendors, and exhibitors are also included.

Some services are provided by the carrier and passed on to insureds through our programs. The Accountants Professional Liability Program includes access to a Human Resources hotline and website, HR/Advantage Advisory, which policyholders can use to ask questions and research HR-related topics. This service was created by the carrier in conjunction with a law firm. Insureds may use the interactive website to train employees on various employment topics and develop employment practices and policies.

Regardless of the program, if you do business with All Risks, agents and policyholders have access to our Risk Control Portal, a virtual industry reference center with over 1,000 resources to address risk management issues and promote safety education in the workplace.

Program administrators make placing tough risks easier for retail agents.

Lack of carrier access, lengthy appointment processes, and inability to meet minimum annual production thresholds are all impediments to retail agents’ ability to place specialized risks. All Risks' National Specialty Programs offer retail agents a menu of exclusive products with custom solutions, proprietary forms, competitive rates, and experienced underwriters with true industry knowledge.